Custom Crystal Altars ✨ Made To Order


Answer these 2 questions in as much or as little detail as you would like on the "special instructions" box on the checkout page:



I will meditate on your answers and allow the crystals that wish to work with you to guide me in creating a custom grid or altar for you. You will be emailed an image of your grid, along with a list of the crystals that were used and their healing properties. You can print the image and place it somewhere you can view regularly. I also recommend using the image as the desktop photo on your computer or on your cellphone lock screen. This way you will be continually connected to the energy of the crystals who are supporting you. 

This is an example of a special crystal grid I made for an event honoring the connections between artists:


Chrysocolla helps us communicate with the energies of the Earth and understand what is required for the Earth to heal. It purifies the environment and transmits energy for re-building relationships. It reminds us of the power of silence. “Let us listen deeply to the song of the Earth. Let us receive her freely offered love, wisdom and support. Let us be brave in doing the work of seeing clearly, loving fully and offering healing to what is hurt within ourselves and in our world.”

Black Tourmaline awakens the qualities of altruism and enhances practicality in creativity. It activates grounding between the first chakra and the center of the earth. “Let us remember we are a part of the great web of life. Let us care for our selves and each other.”

Lapis Lazuli heals chronic wounds, physical, mental and emotional, and unites and balances the energies of yin and yang, masculine and feminine. “Let us offer deep healing to ourselves and the planet. Let us find balance between rest and action, offering and receiving.”

Emerald activates the heart chakra and encourages sensitivity and loyalty within us.  It combines intelligence with discernment, allowing for the most beneficial option to appear as the clear choice. “Let us feel into the heart of our connection to all of life and let this knowing guide us in using the gifts of our intelligence for the benefit of all beings.”

Jasper is know as the supreme nurturer. It reminds us that we are not here, on this physical plane, just for our own benefit, but also here to bring joy and care to others, uniting in love.  “Let us remember our one-ness and do all things for the greater good of all. Let us offer gratitude, care and devotion to the earth and all of her creatures.”

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