I Talk to Rocks

I am a yoga teacher and bodyworker lucky enough to have been raised on the beautiful and energetically powerful island of Martha’s Vineyard.  My parents taught me to feel a deep connection to the natural world throughout my childhood as we walked in the woods and on the beaches in all the seasons of the year.  We stacked stones and made beach sculptures.  As I grew older I continued to make art in school and in my free time.  I am drawn to the healing arts and have been working as a massage therapist for the past 14 years.  Over the past few years I became a yoga teacher and began using crystals in my yoga classes and bodywork sessions.  The profound healing effects in my own life and those of my clients inspired me to begin creating crystal jewelry and custom crystal grids and altars.  I feel myself coming full circle with my deep connection to nature and my love of creating art as I spend time with these gemstones and learn about their individual qualities and personalities.  I love that one of the main reference books for the healing properties of crystals is called “Love is in the Earth.” 

I cleanse and clear all of the raw materials before I begin working with them and then I allow the crystals themselves to guide me in the shapes and forms they want to become.  I create each piece with the focused intention of love and healing.  My guiding principle is that these are offerings of love and light in the world and are a way to share my healing energy with each wearer, whether I meet them in person or not.  I hope that each person who receives crystal energy through the conduit of my work does so with a deep love and appreciation of their own unique power and beauty.  

With Love, Jeanie